Wednesday, 12 February 2014

I'm Starting to Think that Society in The Last Remnant is Really, Really Terrible

last remnant part 4 - 1
How different would Pagus' life be if he was born an albino?
One of the things you can do in The Last Remnant is gather materials to customize weapons or build new ones. This can be done in a number of ways. First, there is this creature that goes around with you called Mr. Digg, who mines all sorts of minerals, plants, and the like. There are also plenty of drops off of defeated enemies. One other way you can gather what you need is by hacking up the creatures you've beaten. This doesn't happen all of the time, but on occasion after winning a battle you'll be given the option to capture a defeated monster after which you can sell it to a merchant for a decent amount of gold. This is useful because the guy will go and chop the thing up and he may get some parts from its corpse to make newer weapons and items that will be added to his inventory. The alternative to this is to just hack up the creature and keep the salvageable parts for yourself in hopes of using them to customize one of your weapons later.

last remnant part 4 - 2
Just think what it may have been like if
 Pagus was Albic.
Now, this makes sense when hunting the local wildlife. Wolves, bugs, raptors, stuff like that is pretty much big game hunting anyway. There's a long, fine tradition of that in countless cultures, as people foraged and hunted for the necessities in life. However, in The Last Remnant this extends to creatures called Beastmen, and they're just one more source of materials in a weapons industry that sweeps the entire continent of this game. The whole thing strikes me as being a bit disturbing.

There are a couple of these species that I've come across so far: the Jhana and the Albic Qsiti.  The Jhana are a very primitive species living in the wilderness.  They wield various weapons, can use magic, and dress in simple garbs.  Meanwhile, the Ablic Qsiti are an albino offshoot of the Qsiti species, somewhat lizard-like creatures who normally integrate well into the society of this world, yet their albino brethren have chosen to shun their counterparts, and the rest of society as well, usually living in subterranean regions like caves and dungeons.

Both of these races are obviously fairly advance, certainly to the point of developing their own societies, using magic, forging weapons, and the like. Hell, the Jhana even have shaman, which suggests at least a basic form of religion within their culture. These people may not be commanding mighty Remnants, or building grand metropolises that people from around the world will want to visit, but they still show all the signs of being a functional society of sentient beings, certainly significantly above that of a wolf or a vulture. Yet here people are, chopping them up, rummaging around their corpses, and helping themselves to whatever bones, goo, and the like they think may be useful.

last remnant part 4 - 3
Pagus faces off against an Albic Qsiti.
It makes me wonder how this came to be. Why is such barbarism okay in this world? It sort of reminds me of the colonial era where the technologically advanced countries of Europe forced themselves upon the indigenous populations they encountered, "Bringing civilization to the savages" and all that, but in this case it's much, much worse. Here, people don't even feel a need to civilize less developed peoples. Instead, they think it's perfectly fine to harvest them for their body parts.

last remnant part 4 - 4
Rush and the gang massacre some
And it goes so much deeper than that when you consider that in this world's prominent society there are Qsiti who run shops, are academics in the world's largest research institute, serve in the military, and generally live productive lives. These folks are left well enough alone while their Albic counterparts are butchered. How do the regular Qsiti feel about this? Do they hate the albinos so much that they're a-okay with this happening? If so, why?

The whole practice just seems so macabre. I'd be fine with something more traditional like hunting for wolf pelts to make a cloak, perhaps killing a raptor to make a bone spear, maybe using manticore guts for some sort of potion or elixir. The Last Remnant's society just takes things way too far, hunting the Jhana, Albic Qsiti, and other races as well in order to use their innards for various concoctions. Does labeling them all as "Beastmen" act as a means of othering these creatures, making folks feel not so bad about the atrocities that they're committing?

last remnant part 4 - 5
Organ harvesting time!
Chances are, the reason for this is just that it's a plot hole in the game, though if I do get some firm answers to all of this as I progress further, so much the better. Also, I'm probably reading way too much into this, but it's hard not to raise an eyebrow at this practice that has wormed its way across this game's world.

Anyway, enough of chopping up sentient beings and making off with their innards. Next update, it's Nagapur, side quests, and, well, harvesting sentient beings because I need to upgrade my sword... Until then! \(^_^)y