Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Tough Bosses and Getting Stronger (The Last Remnant)

Ludope proved to be quite the challenging boss.
It's been a busy few days spent half between banging my head against some base bosses and half doing side quests in hopes of making my guys stronger. The whole thing has left me very confused as to just how far The Last Remnant goes with its level scaling. Some of these bosses have hit like a truck, and their minions were no pushovers either, to the point where one of them I don't think I can get past without everyone raising their stats a fair bit. Meanwhile, doing side quests to take care of that has been a cakewalk, with monsters melting before my army. I'm having some serious doubts to claims that this game does have level scaling. If so, it's incredibly inconsistent, or at least applied to only a very small number of enemies in the game.

Ludope casting Galaxy.  T_T
The boss fights have somehow managed to tap into a masochistic side that I never knew I had because hard as they've been I wound up stubbornly banging my head against them for quite some time. Ludope in particular proved quite the formidable challenge. He's a qsiti mage in charge of Base 3 and he has an absolutely devastating attack called Galaxy. This move hits every union you have on the field, and from what I can tell luck is the only thing that can mitigate its damage. It was hitting my guys so hard that it took all of my unions from full health to dead in one shot on several tries to defeat this bastard. Some people may be tempted to view this as a terrible, frustrating, and even game breaking mechanic, and I wouldn't argue with them on that. It was seriously pissing me off. However, I didn't want to give up because that would mean not finishing the game. So, I dug in my heels and fought.

Leaving Ludope for last while focusing on his minions helped a lot. These guys could be troublesome too, so clearing them off the battlefield made things at least a little bit more manageable. This way Ludope was only doing one-shot mechanics that could wipe out one union at a time. This was still a pain in the ass, but nowhere near as troublesome as Galaxy. It seems the best way to minimize him casting that is to only have one union engaging him at a time. His chances of casting it then seem greatly reduced, though he did unload it on me a few times still, leading to wipes. When I finally did beat him, it was largely because one of my unions somehow resisted some of the damage from a Galaxy attack and were only taken to half health instead of being killed outright. This lead to running all over the room, trying to resurrect my fallen unions while Ludope gave chase. For the longest time, for every time I raised a union, he'd just one-shot another making my efforts for not, but I couldn't just turn around and face him, because then he'd probably just one-shot my remaining union. I'd need at least two, ideally all, of my unions to finish him. It got to the point where I'd used up all of the items in my inventory that were for resurrecting people, so finally my guys did have to fight him. Thankfully by then his health was flashing red, so it wouldn't be long before he died. When Ludope finally did go down it was an immense relief.

Turns out these two are even tougher
than Ludope.
After him, being the glutton for punishment that I am, I went straight for Base 4. Big mistake. The bosses here are even tougher than Ludope. They're twin girls named Hinnah and Hannah, and they love opening the fight with Twin Snowpedal, an even more powerful attack than even Galaxy, and there seems to be no way to prevent them from casting it. At least with Ludope, he lays off Galaxy if you don't engaging him too heavily. With the twins, they don't need a reason to use their move. They were constantly opening the fight with it whenever I engaged them. It was just boom, my guys were dead, so I'm left to think that I may in fact need to do side quests in order to build up my characters, get them stronger, improve their weapons, and maybe recruit some of the more interesting quest-related characters that can be unlocked.

Helping Emmy on a quest.
So that's what I'm doing now and in terms of difficulty it's like the pendulum has completely swung in the other direction from crushingly hard to ridiculously easy. It's not satisfying at all being able to stomp all over these monsters without any trouble. Even fights where I go in with morale about even aren't very interesting, as my unions can easily destroy these guys. If anything, I prefer the massive disadvantage I was at against some of those base bosses.

Some of the side quests I've been doing have been in more
remote areas with really pleasant villages.
The quests themselves have often been pretty fun, though. Helping Blocter, Emmy, and Pagus with some personal stuff were particular standouts. Blocter's was simple enough, as he wanted to enter a tournament to become one of the best warriors in the world. Emmy's required going to Aveclyf and while the enemies there were ridiculously easy, I did enjoy trying to navigate the place, grabbing the right elevators so we could get to a room in the back where our quest objective was. Of the three, though, Pagus' quest was the best. It involved him running into some old friends from times long past, and they're all searching for a legendary Remnant. It was nice to see Pagus enjoying himself as much as he was. This cemented him as my favorite general alongside Blocter.

Doing this battery of side quests also unlocked a few more characters that I can hire at the guilds if I choose.  So far I've only brought on Glenys, a young warrior with good sword and healing skills, as well as Jager.  I was surprised to see him available for hire (he's pricey at 65,000 gold), but maybe I shouldn't have been.  Obviously he's a mercenary, and will just work for the highest bidder.  As far as he was concerned, his old boss, Wagrum, was dead, so it was time to find a new employer.  It just so happens that it's me who hired him.

Saving Pagus' friends from a dragon.
My merry band has made quite a nice bit of progress over the last few days. Granted the main story hasn't been pushed too hard what with the sudden difficulty spike, but it's been a nice detour doing all of these side quests. Some of the stories have been pretty good, and it's been a great opportunity to unlock more areas in the world. However, it's probably about time I got back to trying to defeat Hinnah and Hannah. Hopefully we'll be able to bring them down now. Hopefully.