Sunday, 16 February 2014

Wandering Off the Beaten Path (The Last Remnant)

last remnant part 6 - 1
Taking a break from the main story for a bit.
After saving Irina and escaping Nagapur, everyone has had a chance to recuperate. Now the race is on to find new Remnants in hopes that one could be a suitable replacement for the Valeria Heart, stolen by the Conqueror. This would have Rush et al head to Fornstrand. I wasn't having any of this, though. Still a tad disillusioned from how the Last Remnant has been handling the main story, I decided to indulge in a few random side quests and do some hunting for components to improve everyone's gear. This proved to be just the remedy for all of the ill feelings that were welling up inside of me toward the game.

On the whole, I do rather like the side missions that you can go on. They reflect that there are still plenty of regular people in this game's world, just living their lives, doing their thing. Granted the things they may be doing could well involve them wandering into monster-infested caves that my party of adventurers will have to wade into in order to save them, but it's a different life nonetheless. One without Conquerors, Remnants, or questionable plot devices. A big reason for the last one is probably because the quests are so short that the game doesn't really have a chance to screw them up.

There are a few in particular that I did that were quite enjoyable. The first was in Royotia where a girl asked me to save what she thought was a senile old man. She'd told him a story about some legendary cursed sword, then he ran off into the nearby caves in search of the thing. Rush was asked to go in there and save the guy before he got hurt. I'm sure everyone thought he was a bit off his rocker, but then we found him deep in the caves, standing next to an ominous-looking sword. As it turns out, the story was true, and the old man was a very powerful warrior despite his age. It was a simple quest, but it made me smile, especially the way the guy stubbornly went after the sword despite its best efforts to escape him.

last remnant part 6 - 2
Mowing down raptors while searching for a maiden.
Another quest that I liked started in Celapaleis where an old nobleman asked me to go look for his wife who'd ran off. He suspected she was having an affair, but it was a lot more complicated than that. There had been a lot of moving up and down the social ladder amongst the prominent families of the city, and his wife's family was on the way down, hence the political marriage to this noble as a means of trying to correct it. She was none too pleased about the whole thing, and was looking for ways to get out of the marriage while restoring her family. Ultimately, nothing came of it, but it was a refreshing change of pace learning a bit about some of the inner workings (and gossip) of Celapaleis.

The final side quest to really resonate with me involved Darien, a rather sensitive Qsiti that I met at the pub in Elysion. We'd accidentally bumped into him, then all flustered he said the only way he'd forgive us is if we figured out where his home town was, and bring it's sacred chalice to him. After a little bit of trial and error, we finally found it in the remote city of Melphina.  What I really liked about this quest is that it didn't involve any fighting.  We just had to talk to a bunch of villagers to learn about Darien. That's when we learned that he left the town after causing some trouble that he felt terrible about. Everyone there had forgiven him for the most part, and were okay with him coming back. However, Darien just couldn't do it. Eventually we were able to bring him the chalice and he understood that he could go home if he wanted to. It was a simple quest, but I thought the whole thing kind of sweet. Darien also became available for recruitment at the local guild hall, which was quite useful. His starting stats were pretty decent, so I scooped him right up.

last remnant part 6 - 3
Soon it'll be time to go back to Elysion and return to the story.
So it's been a nice little romp the last little bit in The Last Remnant. Doing these side quests took the edge off from being annoyed at how the main story line was being handled. Soon I'll be returning to that, searching for new Remnants and all that good stuff, so stay tuned for that. =)